Throughout the month of August, Cannelle Callard’s photographs will be featured at Leonardo’s 706 Restaurant in Gainesville, Fl. 100% of the show’s profit will go to benefit The Retirement Home for Horses, Inc.

The Horses of Mill Creek Farm

Because of her love for horses, Cannelle Callard dedicates some of her time as volunteer at the farm, a horse retirement home in Alachua, Fl. This non-profit organization ( provides lifetime care for elderly horses that have been abused or abandoned. 365 days a year, about 145 horses who live here receive individual attention, care and love.

At the farm, horses never race, pull carriages, nor are ever saddled, they occasionally run freely, or roll in the dirt. Whatever their past, they all deserve to live their last years in peace and tranquility.

At Mill Creek Farm, the horses depend solely on the contributions of individuals and organizations. With “The Horses of Mill Creek Farm” project, Cannelle will give 100% of the profit to benefit the farm. Dedicated to the cause, Cannelle’s hope is to inspire others, not only to appreciate the beauty of these creatures, but to take an interest in helping to provide them a lifetime care and wellness.

“Horses inspire my admiration. All animals are wonderful but horses are truly mythic. Horses have voluptuous and elegant curves, showing powerful muscles and strength. They are graceful with their shiny floating mane and their long outline eye lashes. I think horses are fashionable. 

The photographs are not just of a horse, but a true portrait of an individual at a particular moment.  We should not take their beauty for granted. Besides this powerful physic, the horses are curiously fragile and require much care. This is why they occupy a special place in our lives.

I’m very fortunate to be able to spend time with them. And as a photographer I can record special images that I can take with me and be part of me.  I’m also very fortunate to meet the extraordinary people at the retirement farm, owners, staff, volunteers, who have dedicated their lives to horses for the past 30 years. I wish and hope to bring you closer to this place.”

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