Cannelle Callard was born and raised in Provence, in the south east of France. At 19, she moved to Paris to pursue a career in modeling while studying at the Université de Paris.  She became a professional model with benefits of traveling around the world for 12 years.  Cannelle was thereafter offered to stay in the fashion business but this time as an exclusive agent for some famous brands. 

Her travels continued and that's when she met her Husband and settled to the French Island of Guadeloupe.   She always wanted to experience the other side of the camera.  In 2008, when her husband decided to move back to Gainesville, Cannelle used that opportunity to start photography classes and soon realized that she felt as comfortable behind the camera as she did in front.  She, of course, concentrated on portrait/fashion photography.


 Because of her love for horses with the privilege of owning her own, she was able to captured these magnificent animals through her lenses with the same eye as when shooting a beautiful woman on a photo set.

“Horses inspire my admiration. All animals are wonderful but horses are truly mythic. Horses have voluptuous and elegant curves, showing powerful muscles and strength. They are graceful with their shiny floating mane and their long outline eye lashes. I think horses are fashionable.

The photographs are not just of a horse, but a true portrait of an individual at a particular moment.  We should not take their beauty for granted. Besides this powerful physic, the horses are curiously fragile and require much care. This is why they occupy a special place in our lives.

I’m very fortunate to be able to spend time with them. And as a photographer I can record special images that I can take with me and be part of me."  

Giving back!

"The Horses of Mill Creek Farm"

Cannelle volunteers some of her time to the " local Horse retirement farm" in the effort to give back to these special animals.




Cannelle Callard Portrait Photographer/Based in Gainesville Florida/ Serving Central and North Florida, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, St Augustine.